Hire Dedicated WordPress Developer

You can hire the best WordPress developers from Techaronic to build a fast and secure website on the world’s most popular CMS. Choose from a pool of expert freelance WordPress developers to create visually stunning and budget-friendly sites.

WordPress Development Services by Techaronic Developers

As the best WordPress development company, Techarnoic provides a number of WordPress development packages related to professional WordPress design and development. Some of our most popular services are –

Custom WordPress Development

Hire WordPress developers from us to enjoy custom WordPress development services. Build a fast, responsive, and appealing website that caters to your target audience. A freelance WordPress developer can build a website according to your preferences.

WordPress Ecommerce Development

Want to launch your own ecommerce store using WordPress? Hire a remote WordPress developer from Techaronic to assist you. Our developers are skilled at developing ecommerce websites on WordPress using the WooCommerce plugin.

PSD to Responsive WordPress Conversion

Trying to find a way to convert a PSD into a fully responsive website? Hire our best WordPress developers to create an interactive website from a PSD. Our experienced developers enable all the required functionality and can customize the design as per your needs.

WordPress Theme Development

Our skilled developers can help you build a custom theme for your WordPress site. A custom theme can help you create a unique design that is good for branding purposes. You can hire a remote WordPress developer from us to ensure your website is visually stunning and represents your brand.

WordPress Migration

If you want to migrate your website to WordPress, our developers will help you. Migrating a site to WordPress is not just daunting but a risky task. You might lose your assets, and your search appearance can also get affected. However, our developers have the required experience and skills to flawlessly migrate any site to WordPress.

WordPress Plugin Development

Plugins help you add unique features and functionalities to your website. As the best WordPress development agency, we build custom plugins for our clients as a part of our WordPress development services. A custom plugin allows you to integrate any feature you want and have complete control over it.

Why Hire WordPress Developers from Techaronic ?

Techaronic offers multiple benefits to its clients as a top WordPress development company. We are transparent with our pricing and processes. And we aim to help our clients succeed in their businesses.

Experienced Developers

All of our developers are certified with years of hands-on experience in WordPress development. They are well-versed with various plugins and page builders, like Elementor. They understand the client's requirements and create a user-friendly WordPress website.


We offer the best WordPress development services available in the market. However, we do not charge a premium for that. Our rates are competitive, and we have flexible pricing models for different businesses and their requirements.

Different Hiring Models

We offer flexible hiring models so you do not have to burn a hole in your pocket to hire your dream WordPress development team. You can opt for a monthly retainer or choose hourly pricing for our services. Every business is unique, and we try to offer as much flexibility as possible with hiring.


We believe in transparency. We share our entire process and pricing with the clients. Nothing is hidden, and you can always access the data whenever you want. We do not charge you extra by applying hidden charges at the end of the month. You only pay what is agreed in the contract.

Quick Turnaround

Our dedicated WordPress developers are fast and reliable. Due to their unique skill set and experience building websites, they deliver projects 30% faster than other developers.

Ongoing Maintenance

Our job does not end after developing your WordPress website. We offer three months of warranty and support to ensure your site runs smoothly and provides a fantastic user experience.

Our WordPress Website Developers' Expertise

Our WordPress developers understand the platform in and out. They can build any website and enhance its functionality with their exceptional skills.

What Client Say About Us


    The perfect and best place to find all app development solutions in.


      Very happy with the software solution they build to solve the complex business problem, highly recommended for developing your business software.


        Excellent service. The team is talented and understands the need of clients. Would highly recommend them for getting tech support, they are simply AMAZING.


          I liked the professional approach in their work as well as their punctuality and high commitment towards their clients. Thank you, Techaronic Team.


            Very happy with the software they built to solve the complex business problem, highly recommended for developing your business software.

            Hire the Best WordPress Developers Quickly

            We do not have any complex hiring model. Instead, we have a client-first approach and offer flexibility in our hiring process.

            Send Your Business Requirements

            In the first step, you share your business goals and requirements with us. Then, we analyze your business and your needs. We also get on a call with you to learn more about your vision and your objectives.

            Review Developers

            Based on our discussion, we share a list of the potential candidates with you. These developers have proven expertise and experience relevant to your project. You can check their past work and skills and finalize some of them for an interview.

            Conduct 1:1 Interviews

            We arrange interviews with your shortlisted developers. You can interview them to find the best fit for your project. You can ask them questions relevant to your project and assess them based on their answers.

            Start Onboarding

            After the interview, you can let us know the candidate or candidates you finalized for your project. We help you with onboarding and integration. We do our best to make the entire hiring experience as smooth as possible for our clients. We offer assistance even after the hire starts working.


            General Question

            We’ll be happy to outline project specification, prepare wireframes, details concerning integrations with external services, API documentation, required features list.

            This is a complex question to answer. The cost usually depends on the type of project and the skill set required. A basic website can be built in less than 4 weeks. However, some complex projects require months of hard work. Hiring a WordPress developer for your business might cost anywhere from $15-$40.

            You can send a query to us. We will understand your business requirements and help you shortlist some developers for personal reviews. You can assess them based on skills and experience. We take care of onboarding and integration.

            It is recommended to hire a WordPress developer during the initial development of your website. A developer ensures that your site follows a clean code structure and removes any bugs so there are no issues in the later stages of the development.

            WordPress may look like a simple platform. However, if you want to customize your website, you need to code manually or learn about multiple plugins. A WordPress developer with experience and a relevant skill set already understand what plugins and themes are required to achieve your desired result. A dedicated WordPress developer can build your website as per your requirements and vision.

            The answer is - yes! WordPress is a good platform if you want to leverage SEO on your website. A WordPress developer can build a fast and secure website with the essential SEO plugins. In addition, it is easy to fix technical issues and does on-page optimizations on WordPress for SEO. 

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